Kids Sleep Melts
Kids Sleep Melts
Kids Sleep Melts

Kids Sleep Melts

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Did your child wake up last night? 30% of children don’t get enough sleep and the problem is growing. 7 years ago we launched the first sleep product for kids and it has been a bestseller since. They are specifically dosed for kids and can be adjusted to their needs. 1 mg of premium melatonin in a chewable tablet that ensures optimal absorption and sleep.  

This non-addictive and non-habit forming formula can help you get bedtime back on track with natural and safe ingredients. Sweetened with Xylitol for good oral health, now you can take the battle out of bedtime!* We guarantee your child will sleep better within 14 nights when used as recommended.


Melatonin 1 mg per melt: Clinically-backed to promote sleep*

Xylitol: Natural sweetener that registers low on the glycemic index*

Natural Stevia Extract: Sweetener


Ages 3-11: Take 1 melt

Ages 12 years+: Take 2 melts

Help your little ones get the sleep their growing bodies need. Let the melt quick-dissolve on your child’s tongue 30 minutes before bedtime. Ensure bedroom is dark and shoo monsters away. Sweet dreams!

Contains 30 Mixed Berry flavored melts per bottle