Reset Dry Shampoo
Reset Dry Shampoo

Reset Dry Shampoo

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Sometimes you just need a quick reset to get that perfect hair. Reset Dry Shampoo allows you to turn blah hair to glam hair with just a few pumps. Add volume to your locks while nourishing your scalp, follicles and hair. 

For those in-between days, you need a Reset. Reset Dry Shampoo uses natural ingredients to help your hair look and stay fresh. It’s great for busy days, exercise days, and no-shower days (we all have them). This dry shampoo is slightly tinted so it blends perfectly with all hair colors.

Bentonite Clay Powder: Helps to promote volume in hair, aids in absorption of excess oils, scalp health

Sodium Bicarbonate: Helps absorb elements of sweat, odor absorber

Cacao Powder (Organic):Nourishes hair and scalp, adds dark tones to hair


Divide hair in sections and pump product 1-2 inches from the scalp, massage powder into roots of hair

Style as you wish and enjoy fresh looking hair all day long


NET WT. 1 OZ (30 g)