Simply Pure Water-Based Wipes
Simply Pure Water-Based Wipes
Simply Pure Water-Based Wipes

Simply Pure Water-Based Wipes

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Sticky hands, dirty faces, spilled milk, crumbs, diaper changes, and makeup after a long day. What do all of these things have in common? They need a little wipe down. Our Simply Pure Water-Based Wipes clean messes like no other wipe has!

These all-purpose water wipes are tender enough for sensitive skin and tough enough for the nastiest messes or toughest makeup. They are derived from probiotics to help protect important skin properties and functions, and without any unnecessary ingredients. Make sure you have a pack of these wipes in your car, diaper bag, suitcase, changing table, bathroom….


Lactobacillus: Probiotic, helps restrict growth of bad bacteria on skin, helps to condition the skin

Cucumber Extract: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin-conditioning properties

Coconut Extract:Smoothing, emollient and hydrating properties


Peel open top flap to start using. Securely re-seal after each use to retain moisture 

Use for diaper changes, makeup removal, sticky hands and surfaces, messy faces and whatever else you need to gently clean.

Contains 64 cucumber scented fragrance-free wipes per pack.